The Ironwood Friday Couples is a fun, friendly 18 hole golf league.   We play twelve months of the year, on the first and third Fridays.   In the winter (November- April), the start time is  12:30 with dinner to follow.   In the summer (May-September), the start time is 7:30 with lunch to follow.

All members (one man, one woman) must have a current, valid handicap.   At least one member of each couple must be an active member (full membership) of either the Ironwood Men’s Golf Association (IMGA), the Ironwood Ladies’ Golf Association (ILGA), the Men’s Oakwood Golf Association (MOGA) or the Oakwood Ladies Golf Association (OLGA).

If you need to cancel, please call  Linda Thrash.  The pro shop does not handle the pairings.  We may have someone who did not get a check in on time and would like to play or we may have had another cancellation and we can pair the couples together.

If you are interested in joining the league, click here to print an application.   You are eligible to participate in league events as soon as your application and active membership in IMGA, ILGA, MOGA or OLGA are accepted and verified.

The sign up deadline for each event is 1:00 pm Saturday of the week preceding the event.

Questions???  Call Betty Lauer or Linda Thrash